DIY Vinyl Toy Finishes

2015-01-11 21.26.08

Many people who have ever worked on Blank Vinyl Toys may encounter this problem when finishing their piece. As I have read on many forums, like me, used some sort of spray fixative in order ensure the quality lasts as long as possible. When I looked around online to find which fixative I thought was best for my piece, I chose Krylon’s Crystal Clear Coat Spray.

2015-01-11 21.26.46

After spraying a couple of layers on the toy, it looked great. With a nice glossy finish, the spray not only help to keep the quality of the line work, but it also enhanced the look. After allowing a few hours to air dry completed, I put the limbs of this little critter and put it on display. I did notice though that the spray left the toy surface to become a little tacky. I thought that it was only part of the drying process and after a couple of days to allow it to totally set, it would hopefully become set.

But the few days turned to weeks and the stickiness of the surface never went away. Even though I didn’t mind much, I saw that it began to collect dust a little more easily.

Searching through the internet, I found out that MANY people were having this problem and no one really had a solution for it except to try out other finishes. I did read that one brand for carpenters worked really well to take away the tackiness. So without seeing any official response from Krylon, I decided to email them to see if they were aware of this problem and/or if they had any solution for it.

Luckily they suggested that I should try out their Low Odor Clear Finish on top of the already sprayed toy in order to remove the tackiness.

2015-01-11 21.27.38-3

So I did and once it dried with a few sprays of the finish, it did exactly what Krylon Product Support said it would. Now not only does it have the glossy layer… but it does not have the tackiness that came with the Crystal Clear Finish.

So for those of you who are having this problem… maybe buy the second product to help set the finish and prevent it from getting tacky.

Lavendar Munnie Progress

Another Munny doll is in the process after the Trikky doll that i was able to sell not long ago.

I think the style may be similar… but i wonder how it will turn up or how I can make it so that it stands out compared to the rest.

2015-01-04 14.12.46
2014-12-29 19.31.47-1

Idea vs. Results

I’m quite sure many artists share this small knack of a problem… but when I first get a small shock of inspiration for an art piece, an image tends to flash in my brain. And with that image, my brain begins to dictate how the finished product should look like. So I am able to sketch for the most part of the idea onto a draft but when I begin work on the final piece… it tends to look very different than what I initially imagined.

Although I am not totally unsatisfied with the look of the final product… sometimes when you begin to be more attached to the initial idea, the end product may be a little disappointing.

2014-12-29 19.31.47-1 2014-09-21 18.55.59

One of my teachers during college, Professor Bohary, taught me that sometimes it is good to go into an artwork with a general direction instead of having expectations of what the end product should look like. So like the above artwork shows clearly… the initial draft design of the piece was much more intricate than how it ended up. But it didn’t lose much of its original qualities as it holds some key design factors that were drafted up before.

So in a sense… I guess there was some good that came to listening to that advice that my teacher Professor Bohary gave me. Obtaining the end product was much less stressing and instead quite gratifying.

Trikky: Into One’s Mind Version


 TRIKKY- Into One’s Mind Edition
MunnyWorld Vinyl Figures
Marker on Vinyl
Winter 2014

Adding to the family of DIY Vinyl toys… here’s Munnyworld’s TRIKKY figure. Customized and Colored in the style of yours truly! I’m really satisfied with the results of this commission… and yes. I said commission… unfortunately Trikky has left my home into someone else’s. But I’m sure he will bring his new owner some more smiles.

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Collaboration Project: Rave

Collaboration with Yang Hu
Mixed Media on Bristol
10″ x 5.75″

Styled quite similarly to “Slowed Chaos,” this was the first piece that was created with another artist. It is quite interesting to see the end result after the other artist has done their part. Sometimes it seems like a totally different piece compared to what you left off with.

Some more sneak peek of the Collabo session:

Collaboration Session with Yang Hu

2014-11-09 14.36.28

Collabo Session with Yang Hu

Today was the first time I created art with another artist. It definitely forces you to see outside of your comfort zone. What more is when you begin to see the two styles work together to create one cohesive piece. I’m quite sure there was a piece or two today that just didn’t make sense… but hopefully when it is all worked out and done.. it will be something much more beautiful and amazing. What is more amazing is when you see what your piece has transformed into.

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Slowed Chaos

Slowed Chaos

Slowed Chaos
Marker & Ink on Bristol
November 2014
10.25″ x 6.25″

Randomly had a rush of motivation to create something more on the playful side of my abstract work. After working on some DIY Vinyl figures… I haven’t been concentrating on the traditional pen and paper. So this was a nice easy way to get back into the game. This probably was one of my most fastest pieces of art. Proof that after being immersed in some good music… creativity can flow quite good onto any clean canvas.

Here’s another interesting angle of the piece:

Slowed Chaos peek


BUB-watermarked BUB- Into One’s Mind Edition
MunnyWorld Vinyl Figures
Marker on Vinyl
Summer 2014

Behold! The first hand-designed Vinyl Figure for me! Well… at least the first successful designed vinyl figure now in my inventory. I remember I tried to do my very first one… the KRAKKA from the Munnyworld line. The funniest part was that I didn’t realize that all the limbs on the doll are removable… making it ridiculously easy to decorate. Therefore during the process of decorating the KRAKKA… i was twirling the whole thing around like no one’s business and trying to jam the thinnest point marker into the crevices of the toy.

After learning all of the mistakes that one can find out from failing at the first attempt… I purchased the BUB and decided to go for another jab at doing my own DIY Vinyl Figure. With this one… not only was i able to finish decorating a whole figure… but I always learned how to work efficiently with the doll… drying times, etc. So here is the final result of BUB!

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DIY Vinyl Series

So I’ve gotten into this whole DIY Vinyl Figure trend… where you buy a plain blank vinyl toy and you have the option of decorating it yourself however you feel like.

I tried it once before… but failed horribly. Mainly I didn’t even know you can detach all the limbs so that you can work on it all in much more detail. LOL I know… stupid me. Along with that… i didn’t realize that using permanent marker didn’t mean it would dry in 5 minutes. So the result was the first one ended up to be quite sloppy with a bunch of smudges and some muddy colors.

2014-09-14 15.52.43

LUCKILY!… after learning from one’s mistakes… I started a second one with a more know how of attacking the DIY Vinyl Figure. Here are some sneak peaks on the progress of the Munnyworld: BUB Figure!

2014-09-14 17.34.07 2014-09-15 20.51.41 2014-09-14 16.33.35

Art Hiatus~

Dear World~

I can’t speak for everyone in the creative community, but there are times when my inspirations and creativity runs a little dry. Maybe due to some stress that I may not be that aware about (haha), work, or some random life experiences that sometimes hit you in the face and tire you out… but I will have to admit that the past few months… my brain hasn’t been on the edge to create. Not sure if anyone can relate to this too… but when you’re done with a full day of stuff… you come home drained and ultimately you may have wanted to pick up that pen or pencil to draw… but at the end you plop onto your bed and fall asleep til the next day begins.

I will have to say that I have been through that short period… with some common everyday stresses(?) and also a change in living quarters. When my regular full time day ended… I came home and didn’t feel like creating. And for me as an artist (If I can call myself that), I can’t force creativity… because you will see it. So all I can do is just to continue on until something hits me in the face and the urge of creativity begins.

I will say this burst of new energy is beginning to flow through me… and hopefully slowly I can continue on my journey through my very complex and crazy mind… and show the world more of what my mind wants to create.

So… Dear World… Dear Blog… Dear Audience….

I’m Back.

<3 Tony