BUB-watermarked BUB- Into One’s Mind Edition
MunnyWorld Vinyl Figures
Marker on Vinyl
Summer 2014

Behold! The first hand-designed Vinyl Figure for me! Well… at least the first successful designed vinyl figure now in my inventory. I remember I tried to do my very first one… the KRAKKA from the Munnyworld line. The funniest part was that I didn’t realize that all the limbs on the doll are removable… making it ridiculously easy to decorate. Therefore during the process of decorating the KRAKKA… i was twirling the whole thing around like no one’s business and trying to jam the thinnest point marker into the crevices of the toy.

After learning all of the mistakes that one can find out from failing at the first attempt… I purchased the BUB and decided to go for another jab at doing my own DIY Vinyl Figure. With this one… not only was i able to finish decorating a whole figure… but I always learned how to work efficiently with the doll… drying times, etc. So here is the final result of BUB!

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DIY Vinyl Series

So I’ve gotten into this whole DIY Vinyl Figure trend… where you buy a plain blank vinyl toy and you have the option of decorating it yourself however you feel like.

I tried it once before… but failed horribly. Mainly I didn’t even know you can detach all the limbs so that you can work on it all in much more detail. LOL I know… stupid me. Along with that… i didn’t realize that using permanent marker didn’t mean it would dry in 5 minutes. So the result was the first one ended up to be quite sloppy with a bunch of smudges and some muddy colors.

2014-09-14 15.52.43

LUCKILY!… after learning from one’s mistakes… I started a second one with a more know how of attacking the DIY Vinyl Figure. Here are some sneak peaks on the progress of the Munnyworld: BUB Figure!

2014-09-14 17.34.07 2014-09-15 20.51.41 2014-09-14 16.33.35

Art Hiatus~

Dear World~

I can’t speak for everyone in the creative community, but there are times when my inspirations and creativity runs a little dry. Maybe due to some stress that I may not be that aware about (haha), work, or some random life experiences that sometimes hit you in the face and tire you out… but I will have to admit that the past few months… my brain hasn’t been on the edge to create. Not sure if anyone can relate to this too… but when you’re done with a full day of stuff… you come home drained and ultimately you may have wanted to pick up that pen or pencil to draw… but at the end you plop onto your bed and fall asleep til the next day begins.

I will have to say that I have been through that short period… with some common everyday stresses(?) and also a change in living quarters. When my regular full time day ended… I came home and didn’t feel like creating. And for me as an artist (If I can call myself that), I can’t force creativity… because you will see it. So all I can do is just to continue on until something hits me in the face and the urge of creativity begins.

I will say this burst of new energy is beginning to flow through me… and hopefully slowly I can continue on my journey through my very complex and crazy mind… and show the world more of what my mind wants to create.

So… Dear World… Dear Blog… Dear Audience….

I’m Back.

<3 Tony

“Like Stealing Candy From A Baby” Moleskin Sketch

Like Stealing Candy From A Kid


Like Stealing Candy from a Baby
Ink on Moleskin Sketchbook
May 2nd, 2014

I looked through my Moleskin sketchbook recently and I sort of can’t believe that the last time I drew in it was ALL THE WAY back in September of 2013!!!! That is not good so as I was waiting for a friend to meet me up for some delicious ice cream… I decided to whip out my sketchbook and randomly start doodling.. so this idea appeared in that process.

More sketches using the Wacom Tablet

Wacom Sketch


Painting in Adobe with the Wacom pen seems to be a little more complex than what i imagined in my head. Haha but they say practice will make perfect and hopefully I will be able to grasp the methods for digital painting.


Creation of Panda~

Playing around with the Wacom Tablet, I’ve started to practice drawing and painting on my computer. So far, since i don’t have Adobe Photoshop yet… I’ve been using Sketchbook Express. I have this for my iPad, and i really enjoyed it… so i wanted to show you guys a sneak peek at what i sketched up…


Definitely not done yet.. I need to put in more details and especially a background… but its going good I think. Also since the subject matter is more on the simple side… But got to start from somewhere right!?

Crazy Remodeling of the Homezzz/Studios!

So I’ve been a little bit in a lazy period where not much have been as productive coming out of my head… but on the other hand… there has been quite a sort of renovation when it comes to my “studio” space. I put studio in quotations mainly because its just my bedroom haha. Not only did i get more surface to work with… but also I got some more tech to help me out…

I started out with only a small table and a Macbook

Is now a large two table set up with a newly built PC along with a Wacom Tablet…
Studio area wacom tablet

I haven’t been putting this space into full use yet… but hopefully I can get my PC set up totally with programs and such so I can start whipping myself to create more… and most importantly… learn more Digital Art compared to my comfort zone of traditionally drawn art. I have some experience with a Wacom Tablet…at least one of the introductory one, but I never really jumped fully into the whole digitally painting scene. But what has become foreign to me now… are PCs. I was raised on the all mighty Windows computer… but after college I converted to my Macbook, which was shown above. I loved Apple and just the interface after that… so I never budged from it… but now when I decided to upgrade my tech… I decided to revisit the Windows again (also being more power for the buck). But now I have to also get used to this whole Windows 8 layout. So hopefully I will be up and running very soon… but for now… We’ve been in the back burner~~ >.<

Challenges… In Progress “Breath of Life”

1-19-2014 Detail

Through my experimentation and just random doodles… I feel that I have at least accomplished a new style of drawing with my fine point work. Although I feel that I have yet to develop this style of drawing, I feel that challenging myself to do something out of the ordinary would force myself to do something productive with this abstract method. So I looked through my work and it seems that most of my work dealt with one particular size of paper… 11″ x 14″ or 18″ x 24″. These were the most common and comfortable sizes of paper to work with… one that gave you enough space yet allow you the convenience to bring it around.


So knowing that I have become also very comfortable with this size… i wanted to see how this finepoint work would look on a humongous canvas. Something so intricate yet when place on this piece of paper… more or less disappears unless paired with other marks. It’s taking quite some time.. but in a sense… i’m sort of excited what this may bring to my portfolio.. maybe it’ll refine this fine point technique that i have been stuck on lately.

2014-01-19 18.07.48

Beauty’s True Expression Exhibition- August 16th 2013


Beauty’s True Expression

This was the first exhibition that I had the honor of curating myself for the spiritual center, Shumei, on August 16th, 2013. This was a collaboration between me and two other artists, Yasushi Fujimoto and Sonia Aguila. It was nice to see works from Yasushi who is Shumei’s official artist along with hobbyist artist Sonia and I. That allowed the audience to see various styles of work.

I hope to hold something like this again, but for sure I think I will be more prepared to deal with obstacles that came up the first time around. Below are some images of what was shown in the exhibition.

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Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy New Year everyone!

OutInSpace7-2012 001

I have to say that 2013 has been quite a year for me… Although nothing monumental had occurred, I still have experienced some new things that I never expected before. The one major thing that occured during 2013 was the Exhibition that I held at my spiritual center, Shumei of New York. The great thing about this was it was a collaborative effort between me and two other creative people in this center. One who works as an official artist for Shumei, while another does art on the side. Boy did we get some variety of works. I never had to curate a show like this before… at least not by myself… but was it an experience! haha All I have to say that it was a very stressful week of organizing, but it did pay off at the end. I’ll post up some pictures later of the event for you all to see! :)

With that being a stepping stone in my life… everything else has been quite complacent. With me working on my artwork on the side while working to pay them bills haha. But later that year, I began a new journey in my life that I never really spent much of my time in before… setting up my online shop at ETSY. Although I won’t say that I am amazingly successful right now at my ETSY store, it is something that is very new to me. And not only that but I was able to see 3 of my products sell! I have to say that even though its only 3 sales… it was quite exciting! :)

And with the ETSY store, I introduced my new line of Greeting Cards! 5 different designs that would fit for various holidays and occasions throughout the year… although it seems right now my Penduhz Christmas Card is the winner.

No matter what every single thing, whether big or small, it is always a learning experience… and I know that I will grow from it.

I hope that everyone else’s year has been good and healthy. I hope that this year will bring much more new experiences… I always look forward to new things… even though it can be intimidating.

Hope everyone will have a great year too! 2014 HERE WE COME! :)

Much loves <3